Web publishing with IpsoSimplico.

Stunning, lightening fast, easy to update web sites - tailored to you.

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Lightening fast.

Because nobody has time to waste.

Your web site will be lightening fast - for the people viewing your web site and for you, when you come to update it.

You site is stored on a fully managed server that is tuned for speed. Every element of every web page has been carefully considered to remove any bloat. Modern web technologies are used ensure that the only bits of the page that are needed are sent.


Unlimited email addresses.

Spam and virus filtered and under your control.

Add and remove email users as you see fit. Connect over encrypted links with Outlook, your iPad/iPhone or Android phone - anything that supports IMAP will work and that is nearly everything!

You get one gigabyte of space for all your email messages - if you need more space it is £5 per month per gigabyte.


Fully managed servers.

Under our complete control.

Your web site will sit on a server managed in-house. There is no waiting around for a third party to install software or make speed improvements. Generic hosting companies have to keep everyone happy so include a broad set of features. Trying to please everyone invariably means pleasing no one. Our servers are kept lean and fast and use solid state disks that have no moving parts - making them so much faster than traditional hard disk. Your web site data and email is backed up every hour, encrypted and a copy stored both in our office and also in the cloud.


Search Engine Optimisation.

You want your web site to be found.

Sites are built from the ground up with search engine optimisation in mind. Before building any site, keyword research is undertaken to find out what words and phrases people are actually using to search for products or services like yours. You'll be guided through how to write copy as well as given a list of web directories (paid and free) that will help with the visibility of your web site.

Search engines will love your fast site and your regular updates. You will also get 6 months of monitoring your rankings to help you along.


Easy to update.

It's your web site - update it when you want.

Using a familiar word-processing like interface update your company blog or news section. Upload images and link different bits of your web site together. Change your contact information.

Social media

Social Media.

Let your followers know.

When you publish a new article, blog post or shop item the system can update your Twitter feed or FaceBook page automatically. Your web pages will be already be set up to be shared nicely with social media.